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Established in the summer of 2019, The Rosy Times is a breath of fresh air in the magazine world. Instead of competition, negative news, and exploitation, The Rosy Times focuses on finding happiness and hope in the everyday.

In each issue you will receive a 35+ page magazine, printed on high-quality coloured paper. The magazine includes interviews from other bloggers and creatives, a focus on mental health, wellbeing and self-love, positive news, and much more. Please head on over to to see the latest issue online.

The Rosy Times is owned, edited, and written by Lizzie Solleveld, also known as Her Golden Hour on her social media channels and blog. Her long-term boyfriend, Will Taylor, helps with finances, packaging and proofreading. There's a little more on them below.



founder, editor and writer

"Hello everyone! My name is Lizzie, the founder and creator of 'The Rosy Times'. I am 23 years-old and I'm currently studying English literature at the University of Buckingham, hoping to have a career in the writing world in the future. I decided to put together my own magazine as I was fed up with only seeing negative newspapers, and magazines tearing people down and being obsessed with rivalry. Instead, I wanted to create a magazine that builds a sense of community, where anyone can come and be whoever they want to, whilst learning how to love themselves, others, and our beautiful planet.

In the blogging world, I am better known as 'Her Golden Hour' this name being inspired by my surname, Solleveld. Traditionally a Dutch surname, it translates to ‘sunny fields’ and I love to think that my family is all about raising each other up and seeing things in the best light we can. I lost my lovely mum to cancer in 2014 and so I know that there are some dark times in life, but, it has only made the Sollevelds stronger and my goal really is to capture the goodness in life and to help people along the way if I can.

So that's just a little bit about me! Thank you so much for supporting me and my magazine, it really does mean the world.

with all my love x "



finances, packaging helper and proofreader

"Hi Guys, I’m Will! I am Lizzie’s boyfriend and I help out with the proofreading of the magazines, managing the accounts and payments, as well as packaging up the magazines when they have come in from the printers. 

I’m 22 and work currently in insurance, and I really enjoy managing data as part of my job. This has helped with setting up the behind the scenes bits and pieces, making sure things are organised and that you all get your magazines on time. 

What Lizzie is doing with ‘The Rosy Times’ is amazing and I’m incredibly proud of her for setting this all up. I very much look forward to seeing what the future holds and seeing the variety of topics that are covered."

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