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" The Rosy Times is exactly as it sounds - a ray of positivity, diversity and love which is exactly what I expect from Lizzie. Full of the most beautiful imagery, and inspirational people that bring honesty and kindness to the forefront. "

Sophie Mort

" The Rosy Times provided me with some much needed hope and happiness during such uncertain times. The design and imagery is absolutely stunning and it’s something I keep wanting to return to, to brighten my days. "

Hannah Cade

" Lizzie is a ray of sunshine. A beacon of positivity and pure joy. Her honesty and openness on such a wide range of topics including taboo topics makes her page and magazine feel like you’re talking to a friend. I genuinely cannot wait to see what she does next and pray that with each post and magazine that she publishes will spread her sunshine that little bit further and help more and more women to feel the way I do about her. "

Jade Reeve

" Lizzie is one of the strongest people I know.  She’s positive, caring and wants to help others in any way that she can.  She would, because she’s so similar to her wonderful mother whom we lost at such a young age, and who would be as proud of Lizzie as I am.  Through her writing, she continues to work to make the world a brighter and better place when there is so much misery, division and narcissism. Who knows, perhaps single handily, she will. "

Steve Solleveld

" I really appreciated reading Rosy Times. Not only is it beautifully and carefully presented, but is not afraid to tackle thorny issues. A very interesting and informative read. "

Sylvia Robson

" Beautifully presented and a wonderful read! I’m so excited for future issues of the Rosy Times. "

Alexa Dione

" I’ve followed the wonderful Lizzie for years now and when it was announced that The Rosy Times was going to print, I knew I had to have one! 

She is the loveliest person so it is only right that the magazine is as well. It’s so high quality and you can tell she works hard on every single issue. 

It is the most beautiful magazine that doesn’t shy away from talking about real topics and issues in an informative, sensitive but honest way. "

Madi Williams

" The lovely Lizzie shows, through The Rosy Times, exactly what the world needs to hear. Her positivity, honesty, and caring nature have always impacted the lives of those around her and sharing this now through her impeccably crafted magazine spreads her compassion even further. Never afraid to shy from reality, Lizzie combats issues in such a way that gives genuine hope. "

Rachel Hewitt

" Lizzie’s supportive and warm nature comes through perfectly in the Rosy Times. I was honoured to be asked to interview for the first edition and I was so impressed with how professional both the interview process was and the layout of the final piece. This is the kind of magazine I look forward to curling up on a Sunday evening to read - comforting, calming and positive vibes. "

Jessica Gomes



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